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Today's, with the emergence of new phenomena in human life today and the emergence of new technologies and innovations, the need for the presence of experts with significant investments and the creation of modern infrastructure to create new ideas and their production and commercialization in the form of knowledge-based investment companies it is obvious. In the meantime, Lidco Knowledge-Based Holding is one of the leaders in investing in talent development, creating new ideas in technology, and commercialization in life sciences, biotechnology, and health. Our most significant activity is to support the scientific elite, to support production-based research based on new technologies, emphasizing information technology, artificial intelligence, life sciences, and biotechnology. Today, "Lidco" aims to move forward as a biotechnology hub, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and looking ahead to future technologies, and invites all scientific institutions, universities, and research institutes to join us in this endeavor. This group's valued stockholders are eager to invest in the advancement of research and technology and innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of life sciences.

Sincerely, Ahmad Talebzadeh

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